Our Motivation

Our Motivation

Vitamin B12 is involved in metabolic functions in all organisms and is therefore an essential nutrient. It is furthermore one of the most expensive chemicals in the world. In our facts about Vitamin B12,  we want to show our motivations to devote our iGEM project to the “red gold”.


From Larissa’s favorite fact about the “red gold”, we learn that it is only produced by microorganisms, and therefore essential for us:



From Ines’ fact we learn that Vitamin B12 is also very important during pregnancy:



Miri’s favorite fact is about the origin of the essential Vitamin:



Nora states a very important reason why artificially produced Vitamin B12 supplements may be essential, despite of a Vitamin rich diet:



Gregor’s fact tells us that Vitamin B12 is furthermore involved in the development of the nervous system:



From Alex’ fact we learn that Vitamin B12 even may help against dementia in older people:



Tobi’s fact tells us that a Vitamin B12 deficiency may also have other unpleasant side effects:



Why is especially a Vitamin B12 deficiency so dangerous, and might end up life-threatening suddenly? The second Tobi’s fact gives you the answer:



Marieke gives you the reason why microbial production of chemicals like Vitamin B12 has such an enormous potential:




Tamara points out why the recognition and treatment of  Vitamin B12 deficiency is so important:



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